Stardelta Goes Live!

After a long gestation period and a lengthy labour Stardelta Audio Mastering has finally entered the world, not without a few complications but we are happy to report that all is well and we now have one fully functioning mastering studio.

In the short time since the studios completion we have already mastered projects for artists such as Skitz, DJ Die, Interface, Erb ā€˜Nā€™ Dub, Darrison, Harry Shotta, Prime Cuts, Benny Page, Smith & Mighty, Engine-Earz, Rico Tubbs, Nostalgia 77, Ben & Lex, D.Gritty, Joss Jinx, Stupid Fresh and Pulsar to name a few and look forward to working on lots more great music.

We would like to say a big thanks to everyone who helped us get here, Chris at Prism Sound, John at Hathor Audio, Leif at Maselec, Barry at Alchemy, Phil at Deface Design, Benny at Gak Design, Lucy, Smokey, Wes, Barry and Joe ā€“ Made it, just!