Vinyl/Digital/CD/Tape Transfer/Restoration/ Re-mastering from all formats (No wax cylinders please).

All mastering services, whether for vinyl or Digital are processed through our ‘purest signal path’ chain of analogue and digital equipment, in our custom designed room designed by our consultant engineer Thomas Jouanjean of Northward Acoustics. A zero compromise approach was taken during design and build. Acoustically Stardelta Mastering is one of the world’s finest acoustic environments, bar none!

For the technically minded, the studio is run entirely on an isolated, conditioned & regulated power supply using a private earth connection to give us the cleanest possible power. This may sound unimportant, but clean power is one of the key factors in maintaining signal integrity.

All vinyl masters are made specifically for the format and cut from 24bit 96khz files wherever possible. We don’t just cut the digital masters, we optimise the master specifically for the vinyl. It takes longer. It sounds WAY better. Case closed.

For a nominal charge we can also master from most other formats when necessary, including DAT, ½ inch tape, Red Book CDR. We can re-master using vinyl as the source and restore the recording as part of mastering.

We can dub to disc using lacquers. This means we can master and cut the track then transfer this back into the digital domain and provide a master made from a lacquer cut that sounds sonically unlike any other way of doing it.

We also offer the option of transferring your mix files to ½ inch tape via our customized Ampex ATR100 tape machine as part of the mastering process, if you feel your project needs that extra analogue warmth or tape sex magic from the sound that only tape brings, a quality so often lacking in many ITB productions. Tape layback often improves the sonic caricature so much it even astounds us…and we hear it everyday!

We offer a number of affordable packages at different price points. There is always discount available for independent labels and artists who pay a different rate to the major labels. Please enquire for a specific quote.

If your project requires that extra level of control and oversight we offer stem mastering & mix services.