Stardelta Audio Mastering

Stardelta Audio Mastering is a state of the art, world-class facility located deep in the rolling valleys of Dartmoor National Park in Devon and was born out of a desire to make Real Analogue Mastering accessible to all.

Run by a friendly, dedicated team with over 30 years experience in the recording industry, we use a combination of what we feel to be the finest analogue and digital equipment available, to ensure that your master (be it vinyl or Digital) sounds the best it possibly can.

Our team including Grammy Award Winning Audio Mastering Engineer Lewis Hopkin and The ever excellent Andy Miles have extensive experience working within all genres of music and understand what it takes to make each one sound its best. Our one aim is to provide you with the highest quality master possible, music that stands, sonically, head and shoulders above the rest, which will hopefully exceed your expectations and, most importantly, at a price you can afford.

Take a minute or two to browse our site and if you are thinking of submitting work, please read our mix and submission guidelines and terms and conditions to help us help you get the most out of your session.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing your music!